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Anti-Aging Skin Care – Best Anti-Aging Skin Products

Have you ever noticed that some people get older but never look like they age at all? For example, celebs and society mavens never seem to appear as old as they really are. While most people’s skin gets wrinkled, puffy, and discolored over time, some lucky older folks retain the clear and smooth skin of their youth.

It’s likely that these beautiful people aren’t simply lucky but have taken advantage of help from medical science and Mother Nature. You don’t have to be a famous movie star or millionaire to preserve and heal your own skin with some anti-aging secrets from InformedLifestyle.com!

The Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products

It seems like the right people to ask about the best anti-aging treatments for skin are skin doctors. Dermatologists have attended medical school, read scientific studies, tested different products, and actually watched them in use on their own patients. While skin doctors may recommend medical treatments or commercial products, they are also quick to suggest home remedies in chases when the simplest solution does the job.

Retinoid Creams

The most famous retinoid is the prescription-strength Retin-A. Also available are some other prescription and over-the-counter versions that aren’t as potentially irritating and don’t have as many restrictions on use. The difference between the prescription and over-the-counter version is the strength.

Anti-aging cream reviews and doctors mention that these commercial products are medically tested to work. Still, it’s important to know that these products aren’t for everybody. Women who are pregnant or nursing and people with sensitive skin conditions or other health issues should speak with a doctor first. In some cases, it’s also important to wear sunscreen or avoid sunshine when using retinoid creams.

Anti-Aging Supplements

Of course, true beauty begins on the inside. Omega-3, a type of essential fatty acid, can be good for people on the inside and outside because it aids in cell repair and promotes healing. These supplements also help defend the body against cell damage.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that’s also been shown to help flush toxins and lighten dark spots when used topically. It’s a great idea to consume natural food with this vitamin and also use vitamin C serums topically.

Night Creams

Many skin doctors suggest using night creams because they work when there’s no daytime stress from UV light. Some suggestions for the best anti-aging night cream brands are Neocutis, Remede, and Obagi.

It can be fine to use both a vitamin-C serum and a vitamin-A cream at night. However, the serum should get applied first. Give the skin a few minutes to absorb the serum before adding a layer of cream.

Natural Anti-Aging Secrets from the Fridge

It might be surprising to learn that dermatologists also suggest natural remedies to help protect aging skin. To make one favored DIY skin remedy for tired skin, simply make a pot of tea with two bags of green tea and add one-quarter of a cup of organic honey. Add slices of cucumber and let the mixture cool off in the fridge for a few hours. For a refreshing skin treatment at home, simply place the slices over the eyes and face for several minutes, remove them, and then moisturize.

Attention: Do NOT Purchase Skin Cream Online Until You Read This!

One thing that many consumers learn is that a lot of anti-aging treatments really don’t live up to their promises. As with Retin-A, even many medically tested products aren’t recommended for everybody because of health conditions or skin type. The same is also true for over-the-counter treatments and even home skincare remedies.

To help people preserve their skin and find the best anti-aging skin care products, we have combed through lists of hundreds of products from dozens of top brands. Based upon our own evaluation, customer feedback, expert tips, and published research, we have compiled a list of products that have been ranked by quality, effectiveness, and of course, safety. We hope to provide this list in order to help as many people look as good as possible for as long as possible.

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